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All'uso toscano
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Governo all’uso Toscano is a method which has been used to make Tuscan wine in the Chianti area, in particular since the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Governo winemaking technique is a peasant technique, a demonstration of popular wisdom, with roots in problems in selling or rather bartering part of the wine beginning in the spring after the harvest, when the wines of the area are not normally ready yet.

We have decided to bring back the Governo method at San Leonino, in order to recover an ancient technique and adding an innovative touch to the original method for a fresh, fruity, soft but at the same time austere and elegant Sangiovese.

The wine’s label is a manifesto.

San Leonino’s manifesto expresses our absolute faith in Sangiovese, in our roots and history and in the ancient traditions of this magnificent and unique winegrowing area.


Grape varieties and vineyards

Once Trebbiano, now Sangiovese


‘Governare’ means adding slightly raisined grapes (once Trebbiano, now Sangiovese) to the first new wine of the just completed harvest.


This addition triggers off a second slow fermentation in 90 hl barrels, which continues until the following spring. It is a process which increases glycerine levels and thus softens and rounds out the wine without affecting its austerity and elegance.

Serving temperature

Between 16 and 18°C